Alpharetta Garage Door Repair in Alpharetta, GA: Garage Door Won't Open or Close With Remote Control

Garage doors are designed to withstand large amounts of use. They are designed to open and close thousands of times without a hitch. However, they will eventually fail. One of their components will malfunction and that will make your garage door inoperable in most cases. Often, the torsion or extension springs snap. In other cases, the sensors malfunction and the door starts to function erratically. And of course, one of the motors may simply get burned and stop working entirely. However, there are times when the garage door appears to be in perfect shape, yet it does not open or close when you use the remote control. Not being able to close your garage door is dangerous, so let’s take a closer look at this problem and at how you can fix it.

The Dangers of a Garage Door That Does Not Open or Close

If the garage door fails to open when you use the remote control, you will not be able to get your vehicle out of the garage in most cases. This means you may be late for work or be late for an important meeting just because the garage door doesn’t want to open. This is not a very serious danger, so you can live with it for a couple days. Keep in mind that you can open the garage door manually using the emergency release cord; you can find a detailed walkthrough toward the end of this post.

The real danger appears when the garage door does not close, even though you tell it to using the remote control. The garage door is the largest entry point to your house. It is never a good idea to leave it open overnight. Anyone may enter your garage and steal items that can be quite expensive to replace. In addition, a burglar may attempt to enter your house through the garage. Most people don’t secure the door that leads from the garage into the house adequately. This means that an experienced thief or burglar may gain access to your home and put you and your family at risk. This is a very serious issue that you need to deal with immediately.

Why the Remote Control May Not Open or Close the Garage Door

In most cases, the problem comes from either the remote control or the garage door opener. One of the most common causes of a remote control problem is the lack of power. In many other cases, you are simply out of range and the opener doesn’t receive the command to open or close the garage door. Alternatively, the problem may come from the antenna on the garage door opener. If the antenna is damaged or blocked from receiving the signal from the remote, or if various wireless devices are interfering with it, the opener will not receive the command to open the door.

Simple Troubleshooting Steps You Can Take Immediately

To make sure the problem is coming from the remote and not the garage door itself, all you have to do is use the wall switch to open the door. If the door opens with the wall switch, then it is working as it should and the remote is having a problem.

The first thing you should do if the remote control has a problem is to change the batteries in the remote. If you suspect a problem with the antenna, make sure that it hangs down from the garage door opener and that it is not disconnected. If you are sure the antenna and the other parts of the door work as they should, you may need to reprogram the remote or have a new one made for you. A garage door repair technician can help you with any of these tasks in no time. In addition, a garage door repairman can quickly identify the problem and make the necessary repairs.

How to Open the Garage Door Manually

All garage doors were designed in such a way as to allow you to open the door from the inside in cases of emergency. It is only logical that you need to be able to open the door manually. The manufacturer knows that at one point in time, the garage door will malfunction, as nothing lasts forever. This is why they have included an emergency disconnect cord. It releases the door so that you can open it simply by applying force. Here is how you open a garage door manually:

  1. Get a ladder or a stool and identify the emergency disconnect cord. It is usually a red cord that is connected to a lever. You can’t miss it.
  2. Get on the ladder or stool and pull the cord. It will release the door, so that you can open it manually.
  3. Carefully get down from the ladder or stool and lift the garage door with both hands. You can ask somebody for assistance, as metal doors can be quite heavy. The door should open without offering any resistance.
  4. If the garage door does not move, pull the disconnect cord again and try to open the door again.
  5. Remember to prop the door up with something, as it will tend to slide back down. This is very important, as it may close on your car as you reverse into the driveway.

If you are outside, you will not be able to open the door manually, except in case somebody from the inside pulls the emergency disconnect cord. So, if you are outside, you have no other option than to call a garage door repair expert or find another way to get into your garage. We recommend you give an expert from Alpharetta Garage Door Repair in Alpharetta, GA a call, as he or she will be able to open your door without damaging it. It is never a good idea to force the door to open from the outside when it is clearly experiencing a malfunction. After you get the door open, a garage door technician can troubleshoot the problem for you and repair the garage door opener, reprogram the remote, or replace the remote with a working one. Remember that if you’re in Alpharetta, Georgia, you can call our team!